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How to Maximize Your Job Scheduling Investments



April 22nd, 2021
11:00 PM EST 


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Who doesn't like finding cash?

Job scheduling and workload management have been key components of application management for several decades. As the complexity of environments, applications, and security has evolved, many job scheduling tools could use some help in optimizing operations.

When Job scheduling engineers and their submitters need to understand and manage their application's real impact and ownership, they often cite these three goals:

  • Reduce Cost of Operations
  • Increase ROI and Interdepartmental Transparency
  • Obtain Real-time Visibility into Workload Management Tools

Join us March 25th as Tim Lewis, Lead Account Manager and Scott Lesley, VP of Solutioning, walk you through real-world examples of how our clients have been able to improve their operations and reduced licensing fees during this informative 30-Minute session.




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Who Should Attend

Job Scheduling Engineers

IT owners of Autosys and/or Control-M

Large Workload Consumers of Job Scheduling



"We run more jobs then most. One application had accumulated over 400K defined jobs over the years. Edge was able to identify that 90% of those jobs were just taking up space - this was just one application that increased cost unnecessarily to the business." 

Head of Distributed Job Scheduling Services

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