edgeCore™ 101 (1)

Webinar Demonstration November 18, 2021:

Bring All Your Data Together with edgeCore™



SCHEDULED: November 18th, 2021 - 11:00 AM EST


Unify Disparate Systems, Create Actionable Insights and Speed Decision-Making with edgeCore™



Is your organization struggling to maximize tech investments and digitally transform? Are observability and data sprawl challenge areas in your business?


There are 1000’s of great products, tools, & data sets that run, manage, & monitor every enterprise. While these solutions may address siloed issues and tasks well, few are designed to communicate with others and create the big picture. Digital ops challenges arise because existing solutions are often disconnected, underutilized and data is provided without context


Learn how edgeCore™, the industry’s only true Single-Point-of-Control breaks down silos by integrating your existing tech stack on a single platform to create truly connected experiences for internal and external users. We’ll demonstrate how the edgeCore™ platform offers swift time-to-value by maximizing the tech investments you have already made and accelerates your digital transformation.

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Who Should Attend:

edgeCore™ 101-1


"Before edgeCore™, our people would move from system to system, entering and moving data between systems. What took a single person 12 minutes on average to execute and validate dropped to 30 seconds - all because Edge helped us create a Single Point of Control" 

Managing Director of Global Business
Processing Outsourcer

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