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Webinar Demonstration December 16, 2021:

edgeCore™ for AIOps



SCHEDULED: December 16th, 2021 - 11:00 AM EST

IT Infrastructure Operations Teams need to rapidly perceive and respond to shifting needs and situations that threaten customer experience, business operations, and strategic goals.
Both change velocity and lean margins compound for good and bad moments in mere seconds — exasperating and wearing down teams. Nearly everything in IT Operations needs to be smarter, faster, and right the first time.
We’ve lived through multiple situations alongside customers in mission-critical operations and understand the challenges and critical situations. While AIOps solutions create more efficient situational awareness with AI, EdgeTI software combines the new insights of AIOps with our control and automation capabilities to respond 20 to 90% faster like an expert in a single click, no upskilling.
Bringing it all together is pretty simple, too. We can interface to your controls in the SaaS environments, Consoles, APIs — turning your AIOps investments into value-creating responses.

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Need to act smarter, faster, and right the first time?
OR wait and join us at our webinar on December 16th, 2021.


"Before edgeCore™, our people would move from system to system, entering and moving data between systems. What took a single person 12 minutes on average to execute and validate dropped to 30 seconds - all because Edge helped us create a Single Point of Control" 

Managing Director of Global Business
Processing Outsourcer

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