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Improve service desk efficiency without costly and time-consuming
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March 11, 2021 - 11:00 AM EST 


Are you setting-up your service desk agents to be heroes?



Stack Changes Have Made Unifying Channels and Data Cumbersome

For years, data centers have been trying to consolidate and streamline their monitoring and management solution catalog to no avail. As new technologies continue to be developed and deployed at a blistering pace, new specialized tools must monitor and manage those capabilities. As many vendors espouse a rip and replace methodology in the hopes of bringing you an integrated solution, there are always gaps and capabilities that require additional point solutions. That precludes you from being able to get a single unified view of all of your solutions. The result – missed SLA’s, frustrated customers, low ROI’s from your expensive monitoring solutions, and inefficient service desks.

Join us as we unpack the service desk stack and demonstrate how edgeCore’s Single Point of Control (SPoC) environment quickly and securely integrates all your services desk applications to deliver on the promise of rip and replace solutions without the expensive and timely investment. 







"Many customers cite the inability of customer service representatives (CSRs) to resolve issues and the constant need to repeat information as highly frustrating. In a 2019 Customer Expectations Report by Gladly, 54% of consumers would rather spend a day in wet socks than repeat themselves." 

Source: Mindsight (article tagged below)

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