Building a Custom Call Component for Using Your Dashboard



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April 29th, 2021 
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM EST 




Call centers and sales centers alike use VOIP-based telephone systems. 

These VOIP-based systems work with a combination of hardware and software. Part of that software is call control. Call offered, call accepted, call in-progress, call terminated, wrap-up activities can usually be controlled from hardware. 

The pandemic taught us that soft-clients for call control were preferable when you needed to send large numbers of people in short timeframes to work from their homes. But the most important lesson, at least as far as to call control, is that most call information is under-enriched. 

This CTO master class embraces the first step to bringing your call control into your single point of control. The custom-control that handles the metadata being transmitted by your IPPBX, and actually embed a soft client for Amazon Connect directly into an edgeCore™ dashboard. 

In May we'll take this control and enrich our ticket or CRM system with information we collect on-the-fly, during the call from the agent. 

Join us on April 29th as we start exploring how to get the most out of your IPPBX or VOIP system by combining calls with action-based dashboarding. A single place for all of your agent's activities and information.



"Call control should be the center of any call center’s digital transformation. The reality, unfortunately, is that, in part due to complexity, in another part due to lack of vision, this is the last component on the integration list." 

Destin Valine, CTO,  edgeTI

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