edgeCore™ 4.3.6 Release Demo 



April 27th, 2021
11:00 AM EST 


Learn About edgeCore's Newest Features and What they Mean to You!



edgeTI has created the Product Release Webinar Series to highlight and demo the newest features in the edgeCore platform.

The 4.3.6 version was released in March, and it’s a huge leap forward.

Each product release is enriched with new functionalities and improvements to existing features. The latest version includes the ability to run multiple edgeCore instances from a shared configuration database, major enhancements to the HTML template, security, pages, and visualizations, to name just a few.

During the webinar, you’ll see and learn about:

  • Running multiple instances from a shared configuration database
  • Managing System Variables via API and CLI
  • Creating & Running Actions Directly from the HTML Template   
  • Assigning Backup and Restore Permissions

…and a lot more!

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Business Partners

Current Customers and Users

Members of the edgeCore™ platform community

System Owners of edgeCore

Enterprise Architects



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